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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

In a world filled with challenges, it’s easy for one to go through life waiting for the other shoe to drop, always feeling at the mercy circumstance and situation.

However, there’s a new school of thought that’s gained momentum in the past decade called “Law of Attraction”, which puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Quite simply the law says: We have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we’re focusing on, for better or worse.

Dr. Hank Seitz has continued to demonstrate and discuss this LAW in both his professional and personal life. Twice, he’s been able to defy the grim prognosis given to him by doctors after two separate car accidents, and become what many would describe as a “walking miracle”.

He’s gone on to lead a life inspiring thousands in the real estate industry, and people from all walks of life. He shares very practical ways in which we can all become a little more miraculous in our own lives.

1) Dr. Hank, you were in a car accident 20 years ago that broke your neck!  You were able to heal yourself and exceed Doctor's expectations. Please tell us what happened

Yes, I was stopped on a highway as a school bus was unloading.  Behind me was a truck who didn't see me or the flashing lights on the school bus, traveling over 60 miles per hour, and hit me. The doctor' told me I had broken My C-1 and C-2 in My neck and would be unable to move my head and would experience severe chronic headaches the rest of my life!

I decided not to believe the doctors and instead believe in a higher power that most call God.  I recall coming home from the hospital on Christmas Eve day and I was on my bedroom floor, in unbearable pain, screaming to God to help Me. I started to ONLY pay attention to when things were a little better. A little less pain, a little more movement and anything that was a little more better!  Breathe after deeper, day after day and one day I woke up and was healed! It was simply a matter of looking for the miracles in each moment and this is true for all of us to have a better and better life!

2) What are some steps that others can utilize to helps themselves if they're in a similar situation?

It will be helpful to understand several truths about life and you!  First, this world is filled with everything that we do want and everything that we don't want!  It is our choice to either focus on what we want or what we don't want! Whatever you focus your attention on will grow!  Simply stop looking at what you don't like and "turn the other cheek" to those things you do like and want!  

The more you can focus on the things that you like, the things that are playing out for you, the more they shall grow.  This is called the "Law of Attraction" and as you choose to think about the things you desire and enjoy, the more your "Cup shall over-floweth".  We have all experienced this as, for example, when we say it just can't get any worse and then it does!  Or, it can play in your favor by simply saying "How can this day be even better?" and then it will!

Another truth is that you are the Creator of Your own experience!  There is no one or thing working against you! You get to choose your life and have it the way you want it when you awaken, shed the past, don't pay any attention to what is going on if you don't like it and just think about your healthy, wealthy and successful future!!!

3) Were there times you felt like giving up? If, so how did you overcome those moments?

If you are thinking and feeling like giving up, then momentum will help you give up!  Each of us have the power to stop thinking about these things we do not want and start thinking about the things WE DO WANT!  And it is simple if you believe it is! All of Science has agreed that everything we experience come from three steps: 1) It is that our all powerful thought that starts everything!  2) Our thought turns to energy. 3) This energy creates, what the Scientists say, matter. In other words, THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! 

4) When going through the recovery, did you surprise yourself? OR would you say there was an inner knowing that you would get rid of the severe pain.

I am surprised and delighted each moment as when you align yourself with your Inner Being (God, Higher Self, Soul and other thoughts of that which is greater than just Our physical bodies) then the magic starts to happen in each moment of each day!  One technique I teach to get into this flow of life is called my "Joy Shop" where each day you read my uplifting words and then write out 3 things: 1) Write out what you desire and want! 2) Write out what you APPRECIATE in the past 24 hours (this will actually start to change Your thinking process)  3) Write out how you want your day to be!

5) You then had another accident. Please tell us what unfolded this time around.

Everything happens for a reason and that reason is to help lead us to a better life!  Over 20 years ago was my first miraculous car experience that created a better life for me!  Three years ago a semi-truck was towing a semi-truck and it slid out of control totaling my car and body!

I was paralyzed from my waist down and couldn't walk!  I am a Vietnam Veteran and the VA declared me permanently home-bound and permanently disabled!  I once again decided not to believe the doctors and chose not to 'honor the god of other people's opinion'.  I have found this to most helpful in everything for no one can think or feel for you and only we know which is the best and most wanted path for us.

To find your path is easy,  You need only be in this present moment (indeed it is a present) and monitor how you feel!  Our communication system with Our Source (God, Soul, Higher Self) is through our feelings. Before we came back here again, we asked 'so how will we communicate with you God?' and God responded 'not in English or any other language, instead I shall communicate in a perfect way each moment that shall guide you on your path and it is with your emotions'.  When we feel bad, this means we are not connected and thinking about this as God is! When we feel good, we are connected and being guided, loved and comforted on our glorious path! The most important thing any of us can do is to ask and to then FEEL GOOD!  

6) Despite these major setbacks, you have an incredibly optimistic way of seeing life. How do you suggest others keep an optimistic outlook when going through their own challenges?

Nothing is a setback!  Everything in this amazing life of our is moving forward and becoming more and better!  The arguments, the lack of money, the unhappiness and all the other things we do not want are because we think of them as setbacks, when what they do is birth a new and better life for us all!!!

So when you have a situation that you don't want or like (setbacks) simply do the following:

1.  Look at the situation and say to yourself : "This is what I don't want.". Don't give it a charge (recall energy creates and you don't want more of this that you don't want!), don't talk to others about it, don't Facebook about it, in other words don't give it your attention other than to say "This is what I don't want."

2. Then ask this magical question "What do I want?" and you will start to have flow to you thoughts, people and circumstances that will lead you to a better life!  It is back to the biblical principle of "Ask and you shall receive!", and as you ask, you shall be answered in magical and delightful ways that will lead to a better Life!

If we did not experience this contrast (those thinks we don't want) it would be impossible to birth new ideas of what we do want!  That is why this is a better world than just 100 years ago! We have experienced poverty and now have more abundance, we have wanted more knowledge and now have entire libraries on our devices, and this list grows more and more as we experience the unwanted and focus our attention on the wanted!

7) What is metaphysics and can it help everyone?

The definition of metaphysics is "abstract theory with no basis in reality" and this is not what my teaching is!  What I teach is LAW! These are laws and truths when practiced will create your reality and make a better reality for you!  Not only is this spiritual law, but this is backed by scientific fact that thoughts do become things!

I have helped Fortune 100 Companies and tens of thousands of individuals have their dreams come true using these laws.  This is all basis of reality as these businesses have improved their business results including substantial sales and profit improvement, while helping people enjoy more prosperity and overcoming cancer and other diseases.  The Kingdom is within and we all have the power to overcome and create the Life of Our dreams!

8) How can people who are new to this topic, start to utilize the laws?

These are the laws of the Universe, laws of Science and spiritual laws. I also know how to tap into the subconscious mind and increase anyone's business within 10 days!  This is the new reality, this is the new mindset, this is the new way to enjoy health, wealth and success. It is proven fact that has been the secret through the ages that is now Yours to own, use and enjoy NOW!

9) There are a number of celebrities that believe in the Law of Attraction. Jim Carrey stated, "I would visualize having directors interested in me and people that I respected saying, “I like your work.”  Jay-Z said, "I believe you can speak things into existence." Oprah Winfrey states, "Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe." So these are people who do a great job with Law of Attraction you’re saying it can be used can be used by anyone, not just people that are looked up to in the public eye. 

The law of attraction is always playing out whether we believe in it or not!  As you focus your attention on anything for at least one minute, it will start to grow momentum.  An easy example of this is when you see a new car that you want but have never seen on the road much.  Then the next day you see seven of these cars on the road! What happened? Were there more cars bought yesterday in your city?  The answer is that everything that you want is here NOW, We just need to focus Our attention on it and it will come to Us with the Law of Attraction! 

10) Are there any additional thoughts you'd like to share.

If you have created the desire for anything, the Universe can deliver this desire to YOU!  One of the challenges is having agreement between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.  This is why saying "I am wealthy" a billion times won't get you wealthy, because your subconscious mind says BS and so it is not seen in your Life!  Once you know how to tap into the subconscious mind, everything will come to you easily and immediately!

11) Where can people learn more about you? (Social media, website, books, links)

Dr. Hank can be reached at: 214-753-7204



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