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The Benefits of FITNESS with Izzy El-Ubaydy

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Studies suggest that when we're physically fit, we have a better chance of being more mentally fit. That's good insight when you're trying to be more balanced and effective in both your professional and personal life.

A big part of fitness is exericse, which has been shown to reduce stress. And for many who may not feel in control of their lives, working out gives them a sense of taking back some of their own personal power. In other words, motion can influence emotions. However, knowing exactly what to do to become more fit and stay that way is a big question with a lot of answers. We talked with Austin fitness expert Izzy El-Ubaydy to help dial in on some steps to get moving in the right direction.

How long have you been doing fitness training?

I've been training for about 8 years now!

What or who inspired you to become a trainer?

The idea that we can change our body just based off the stimuli we imposed on it made me want to learn so much more about the science of changing the body! A huge influence came from athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mohammad Ali, Steve Cook, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, they all showed me what the body could do and how it was capable of being engineered. 

What are some of the greatest transformations you've seen in your clients?

I've had someone lose 150 pounds with me as well as gain 50 pounds in necessary weight. But aside from numerical change some of the greatest change or transformations have occurred in a different way. I am more blown away when I've helped someone change their relationship with viewing their own body, battling body dysmorphia, or how clients form a healthy relationship with food which rids them from a cycle of shame...which only makes things worse. To me the greatest transformations occurred in the MIND as much as their BODY.

How much do you think physical fitness influences mental fitness?

Hugely. Without a doubt. The brains main focus is locomotion. By neglecting that in our daily routine we neglect the formation and growth of our brain. If our brain isn't strained, much like a muscle, it becomes stagnant in nature. What beautiful about fitness is that it also grows our virtues and character. Someone who's impatient or negative all the time isn't going to last long when it comes to the arduous and long road to changing the body. BUT pursuing that change one day at a time helps us grow patience, positivity, discipline, intentionality, etc.

What are some of the latest discoveries in the world of physical fitness that you're exploring?

I've loved recently exploring how we can go about auditing our own health by doing blood work, looking at genetic makeup, and inflammation markers. You end up taking control of the micro science in your body which serves as a foundation (a foundation far too often left neglected.) I've also loved learning about IV therapy. There are new and cutting edge ways to recover the body without having to go through our GI Tract which helps us bypass the wait and allows fuller uptake of vitamins and nutrients! It's been a game changer for me for sure. 

Do you have role models that have inspired you in your personal and professional life?

Definitely. I mentioned some earlier in one of the questions. They have played a huge role but I have many others. Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Ashton Kutcher, but also many of the people I rub shoulders with in my daily life: CJ Finley, Shea Boland, Zac Sagay, Cory Lawson, Sean McDevitt, Cody Butler, and many more in my community. 

We live in a busy world, but lead less physically active lives. What are some of easy/quick daily activities/changes that people can incorporate into their routines to make their lives healthier?

I love that question. The answer is to do the more physically taxing thing. It expends effort we are supposed to expend that we likely don't anymore due to the lack of stimuli in our life as well as the intense busy-ness. 

Straighten that back when sitting.

Stand up and move around every now and then. 

Drink more water.

Switch that chair for a yoga ball.

Stretch before and after sleeping.

Spend 30 minutes walking outside without your phone.

Hike more.

The list just goes on. 

To find out more about Izzy visit: https://www.izzyelubaydy.com/press-1

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