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At Home Moves that FIRM YOUR BUTT

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Whether you're looking to tone your butt, legs, or core, there's no area of your body a great band won't help tighten and tone. We have 3 suggestions to help you firm and lift.

Lateral Resistance Band

Start with lateral walks using a resistance band like Agostina's Fit Band. Place or tie the band around your calves. You should feel tension in the band when standing with feet hip-width apart. Stand tall, engage your abs, and take a controlled step out to the side with your right leg. Then, take another step with your left foot, bringing your feet back to hip-width apart. Do 10 to 12 steps, and then head back with left leg leading.


Heart-shaped bottoms are not lacking in the gluteus maximus area. The key is to work the hamstrings and the gluteus medius to lift the area. “The best exercises to perk up the heart shape and round it out a bit are lateral movements that attack the gluteus medius, which sits higher, closer to your waist,” Quimbo says. Mallett suggests some rear leg extensions to target the back of your upper legs—the spot where your leg meets your derrière (aka your hamstrings).

Side-leg lifts: Lie on your side with your bottom leg bent and your head resting on your ear. As you lift and lower your leg with control, keep your top leg extended and facing forward (as opposed to turning out the leg). Don’t let it come down completely and rest on your lower leg at the bottom of the movement. Do 16 reps, and then pulse it a few inches off the ground for another 16 reps. Then, Mallett says, you can move on to the next exercise, keeping your working leg the same.

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